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Lunar Witch Summoning Seal by Notsalony Lunar Witch Summoning Seal by Notsalony
I was asked to design a seal for a lunar witch to summon a weak leveled spirit that could transform. Seeing as the seal was witch based rather then alchemy based it would have Hebrew rather then Latin as the text. Why is this? Well while witches have been picking Latin to cast spells in for ages now, most turn to Hebrew when it comes to pictographic magics. Their symbolism and connection to God makes it ripe with lore on how to summon beings. Hebrew lore has more magic then you could shake a stick at.

I took the design of a basic summoning circle but added in features of the eight pointed square that represents summoning, power, and creation. While giving the whole work the feel of a binding rune or a contractual magic. The five circles, the ones of the same size, represent the five principal elements in witch magic. Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea around the fifth, Spirit. Now the slightly larger circle in the center is an anchor point. Tying what ever is summoned to the user, while the outer most circle, the large one, represents the flow of nature and power.

By taking the Hebrew text and placing it in that order as well as with the eight pointed square it creates a magic square, used to summon or banish a mystical being. Traditionally demons, angels, and minor spirits.

Now the embellishments on the four corners that appear to weave themselves in and out of the lines of the actual spell seal, are created to attune the working to the user. Each kind of witch or magic user will embellish or alter this section of the spell circle to fit their personality. Seeing as this is for a lunar witch, it's a soft curving tide like embellishment. Now, this is done to customize and personalize the magic to the user. Every single person is different. Now the specific sigil for the being that is to be summoned would appear in the elemental corresponding location. If it's a fire being it's sigil would be in the bottom circle.

North - top - Earth
East - right - Air
South - bottom - Fire
West - left - Water
Center - Spirit

As this is a summoning that is supposed to result in a spirit being summoned, the sigil in the final form of this will most likely end up in the center of the entire working. Base summoning seals like this are traditionally handed down in clans or families depending on the location of the person's family and their traditions dictated on whether or not the rest of the family had or has any magical or summoning talent. If the family does in fact have any magical or summoning talent then they'd have probably passed down the template or base summoning circle, and allowed each member to embellish and alter it as needed to attune it to their specific magical frequency. The embellishment also kind of speaks of a family that's decently to well off in the money department, cheap or poor summoners wouldn't necessarily have quite as an embellished summoning circle.

Magic users, like everyone else, are often separated not only by talent and bloodlines, but by money and quality of their skills. So someone who has more money and or more talent, the two don't always go hand in hand mind you, would have a more embellished circle. While someone who was poor with little to no talent would have a very basic looking seal.

It also speaks to the level of power and or talent that the caster or user has as to how they deploy their summoning circle. Low level users would have to draw or use a predrawn seal, while medium users would be able to get by with using a seal that is either drawn, etched, or sewn into clothing. Like say a glove or a necklace. Now high end users would be able to simply project out their power and conjure the circle from raw power and use it just the same as the others. But while deployment style says something, if not everything, about your skill level, what your summon and how it looks can be a judge of your power level as well.

Some refining is needed in whether or not this is used for the lunar witch in question, but worse comes to worse, I think it would work. Of course I can see this lunar witch being some one akin to the Jewel Witch from Chrono Crusades. -smiles-

The sigil of the being that is to be summoned is dictated by it's element, it's disposition, it's level ranking, and it's lore of origin.

For example: Say you wanted to summon a low level slightly grumpy spirit who was of native American lore. (Which lore the being is from is kind of determined, in this case, by what you want them to transform into and what kind of features they have as creatures of lore tend to look very different depending on which lore they came from.)

This being's sigil would be most likely circular with joined lines that were all straight. (see this image for an idea of what I'm talking about - [link] - ) The sigil would HAVE to follow it's lore's rules.

The Symbols

-reproduced the best I could from the print.

1 - לאפד - Raphael - "God has healed" = Médecin de Dieu
2 - לאידבנ - Gabriel - "God is my strength" = Homme de Dieu
3 - לאבים - Michael - "Who is as God" = Qui est semblable à Dieu
4 - לאינבח - Hanniel - "He who sees God" = Grâce de Dieu

-placement on the seal-


Names, spellings and Hebrew spellings of angelic names taken from

A Dictionary of Angels
Including the fallen angels
By Gustav Davison

Page 356 of the appendix

The ten ruling angels and their orders

This was referenced from

La Kabbala Pratique
By Ambelain

And is according to Hebrew Cabala.
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jfvgnemesis Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
what a nice gift
to my eighteen birthday
and this give me the idea
for the user
thanks you so much
of course you will know
when i use this
summoning seal
Notsalony Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
-SMILES- thanks -BOWS-
Sakural7865 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Wow! This would be a perfect background for witch drawings! Mind if I use it sometime?
Notsalony Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
Go for it. -bows- Sorry for the lag.
Sakural7865 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Hey, I've seen more of your work and I love it. Is it okay if I use them as backgrounds too.
Notsalony Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Sakural7865 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Thank you so much! XD
Notsalony Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Your welcome.
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